Fiduciary PBM 3 simple rules:
No conflicts don’t prefer any product, don’t own and product and don’t dispense any product.
Competition between pharmacies to help drive drug cost.
Consumerism gives members the tools to shop for their prescriptions.


What is Drexi?

So Drexi is a full-service fiduciary PBM, built from the ground up that helps companies save money on their pharmacy benefits with three simple rules. One, we've removed all conflicts of interest. We don't own any product, I don't prefer any product and I don't dispense any product. Secondly, I create competition between pharmacies. So again, if I don't own any pharmacies and I don't dispense any product, when I go out to the market, I can source drugs and make pharmacies compete for each other whether it's specialty, mail, or retail. And lastly, we have given members member-facing tools to be better consumers. It allows them to shop for their medications, look for therapeutic alternatives and then also have open dialogues with their prescribers at the doctor's office, before they ever leave to find out, one, can they afford these drugs, two, are these the best fits for them and their family.

How is Drexi different?

So through our no conflicts of interest, once we deem a drug clinically appropriate, we're then able to source those medications in a variety of different ways to try to get to the lowest net cost. Right, so we're gonna look at, is there any manufacturer dollars out there copay maximize their cards? And lastly, we can even source drugs internationally. And as you can see on the slide here, just simply moving to Drexi, same pharmacy, same drug, same everything, the group is gonna save eight and a half percent. Now, if you allow us to do our full advocacy and really use the full power of Drexi, we're saving clients anywhere from 30% upwards to 50% off of their overall spend. And that's really what's driving Drexi to be a differentiator.

Who is a good fit for Drexi?

Anyone, whether you're a hundred employees or a hundred thousand lives. We are a full-service PBM. We own our own contracts, we own our own paper so we can control those costs and everything that you can get from a traditional standpoint, you can get with Drexi along with the savings that are attached to it. So I urge anybody to reach out. We have a free trial, try me now Drexi, as well as I can do a full claims analysis and really show you what Drexi can do for your spend when it comes to Rx benefits.

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Duration: 02:40

Posted: Friday, March 4, 2022

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