Bnchmrk is an interactive platform providing best-in-class benchmarking reports for Employee Benefits.


What is Bnchmrk ?

Bnchmrk is a benefits benchmarking software and data company working to help brokers and consultants evaluate employee benefit plans. We launched in 2015, so our proprietary database has grown and actively covers over seventy-three hundred employers nationwide from which there are roughly sixty-five thousand plans ranging from medical to disability. The Bnchmrk application then allows users to target any combination of industry, size, and location of employers in our database and compare the results to a particular client or prospect. The reports include benchmark tables based on the fiftieth percentile. They include benefit ranks and also a graphical distribution of values. So you have a full picture of what is happening for a plan in your target employer set.

How is Bnchmrk different?

With Bnchmrk it is very simple benchmarking is what we do. It is our focus. So with Bnchmrk you're not getting benchmarking data from a competing broker or a medical carrier or report that has been thrown together from data that served another purpose. Our reports are best-in-class. They are the most accurate and honed benchmarking reports available. And because benchmarking is our focus, we are constantly refining and innovating our data collection and reporting. And we can do this as the needs of our partners evolve. We provide an affordable pricing structure for access to our interactive platform or even ordering a single report. This structure allows anyone to purchase benchmarking at the level of reporting required for their business. And last Bnchmrk does not just provide reporting. Support and education is a key aspect of our business model. Our support team works to ensure that anyone who has purchased a license knows how to run a report. Bnchmrk provides report walkthroughs to our partners to ensure they have a solid understanding of our methodology and the data analytics in the report and even how to build benchmarking into their consulting model.

Who is a good fit for Bnchmrk ?

Any benefits broker or consultant can utilize our reports. Again, our pricing model includes individual report options with no long-term contracts, as well as our annual licenses for firm-wide use. And our support process makes onboarding really simple. Bnchmrk reports work for any employer type from small group to Fortune 500 companies from community rated groups to self-funded clients. So truly anyone who's seeking to understand more information about employee benefit plans in the marketplace, is a good fit for Bnchmrk.

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Duration: 02:49

Posted: Tuesday, June 21, 2022

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