Kilo Health

Kilo Health for business is a digital wellness benefit solution that boosts employee health and mental well-being- no matter where they are.


What is Kilo Health For Business?

Kilo Health For Business is a digital wellness benefit solution that boost the employees' health no matter where they are. Kilo Health For Business consists of six digital smart apps to empower your employees to achieve their health goals. The apps help reshape eating habits, improve mental wellbeing, reach personal fitness goals, and manage chronic heart conditions or diabetes. Each solution is available for both Android and iOS. Healthier people mean a healthier business, and we seek to boost wellness and productivity amongst the most valuable assets of any business, its people.

How is Kilo Health For Business different?

Kilo Health For Business is a consumer driven product, meaning it's a proven concept already helping 4 million users change their life for the better. Each app guides the end user through their entire habit transformation journey. Depending on the app being used, it either begins with a personal assessment of their habits, current state of mental wellbeing, underlying medical conditions, or personal goals. With the information at hand, the app then generates a custom plan for each employee. The employee benefits specialist or HR managers can track enrollment, usage, and progress in the admin dashboard. The employee engagement strategy we provide focuses on ensuring high employee enrollment and maintaining the habit changing momentum.

Who is a good fit for Kilo Health For Business?

Kilo Health For Business is a great fit for any company looking for an affordable and flexible way to provide their employees with the digital tools they need to lead healthier lives and happier lives. This is the perfect solution for every employee, including our remote workers, new parents, and people living with chronic conditions. No matter the size of the company, everyone on your team can get the support they need.

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Posted: Friday, October 7, 2022

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