Healthy Business Group

Healthy Business Group (HBG) provides employers with a broad selection of innovative healthcare services to meet their unique business objectives. HBG offers employers the ability to integrate digital solutions that positively impact the total cost of care, provide a valued employee experience, and allow employer specific configuration.


What is Healthy Business Group?

Healthy Business Group: we help our customers and partners offer employees a wide variety of innovative, and proven health care services. So if you think about traditional telemedicine options, to resources that support mental or financial health, we deliver a suite of online and digital solutions that help provide members better access to care, help them manage chronic conditions, improve health outcomes, and lower their total costs.

How is Healthy Business Group different?

At Healthy Business Group, we have a nationwide network of vetted digital solutions. Many vendors only work with large, or national accounts. We enable employers of all sizes to have access to the most innovative solutions in the marketplace. We offer access to these programs at really competitive prices, through one single contract. So if you think about being able to offer a leading tele-health solution, partnered with a robust advocacy program, or a diabetes solution, seamlessly, we can all do all that through one contract. In addition, we also have a technology platform that enables us to integrate all of these solutions through a single web-enabled experience. This makes it easier for employees to find, and engage with the resources that they need. And this is something that's not traditionally available for small companies, or viable for them to deliver on their own.

Who is a good fit for Healthy Business Group?

Really, any small to medium-sized companies, that are looking to create affordable wellness programs that actually deliver results, is a good fit for healthy business group. We know that there's a lot of noise and confusion in this space. We have the ability to help clients pick the right products, manage implementation and eligibility, and create a customized marketing campaign. As a result, we offer companies of any size, a truly customized experience that enables them to engage with their employees, and drive measurable results for the company. I'd also add, that we partner directly with health plans and TPAs, for a turnkey approach for them to expand their digital provider networks. We have the expertise, and the ability to fund programs as claims, which is really a no brainer for self-funded plans, looking to expand provider access, or reduce costs. So really across the board, there's a lot of opportunities to help both companies, and plan sponsors, design, and implement, execute on better health care strategies.

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Duration: 02:43

Posted: Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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