Jet Dental

Jet Dental is the premier pop-up dental clinic for workplaces nationwide. Our convenient mobile dental service makes it easy for employees to use their preventive dental visits, and it is free to the company! We use in-network providers with your current dental insurance, so there is no cost to the company to host Jet Dental. The average Jet Dental patient has not been to the dentist in over 2 years. Our convenient dental service keeps team members in the office, and improves their health.


What is Jet Dental?

All right, Jet Dental is the premier pop-up dental clinic for workplaces nationwide. So we use dentists who are in network with every major insurance carrier, so the service does not cost the company anything. We simply bill the insurance, and as you can see from this little video, we go set up in a pop-up conference room, and we provide preventive care, including cleanings, x-rays, and exams, as well as basic restorative care, including cavity fillings, scaling and root planning for people with gum disease. And we also have cosmetic services, including teeth whitening and clear aligner treatments, such as Invisalign.

How is Jet Dental different?

Well, Jet Dental, I think first of all, it's important to understand the why behind Jet Dental. So the average patient at Jet Dental hasn't been to the dentist in over two years, so by making it convenient, we get the people in your organization who need it most to come. Cigna actually did a study of over a million and a half members, looking at preventive dental care, and they found that the people who went to the dentist at least once a year saved about 33% over the next five years in healthcare spending. Whereas those who did not go to the dentist yearly actually increased their costs by up to 48%. So it ends up saving the individual a lot of money as well as the company. On top of all that, Jet Dental is nationwide, so we have coverage for all of your locations across the country. Employees love us. We have 4.9 out of five stars from patients on Google, and employers love us too. We have a 68 Net Promoter Score from our clients, and we have over 600 businesses across the country and counting. And the average NPS score for a normal dental office is one. So we do a great job with great people throughout the country. Lastly, again, our service is no cost to organizations or to your clients. We simply bill the insurance with in-network dentists. So again, there's no cost to the client.

Who is a good fit for Jet Dental?

Yeah, so typically, we recommend employers with at least 200 employees in a given location. What we really care about at Jet Dental, to make it work for us, is we need a minimum of 20 appointments, but we can see up to 60 people in a day. So we have small to mid-size businesses and with one location, and then we have clients who have over 100,000 employees across the country, and we're serving 20 of their locations. So our flexible setup really makes it easy for any company of any given size.

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Duration: 02:58

Posted: Friday, November 5, 2021

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