Point Health

Point Health's suite of services combines powerful navigation services, shop-and-compare tools, personalized assistance, bill negotiation, and the largest, most flexible selection of cash-pay providers in America on a single, intuitive Smart Healthcare Platform. Our platform means a superior member experience, lower cost curve, better retention, and competitive offerings that drive membership growth.


What is Point Health?

Point Health is a digital health company based in Austin, Texas, and we're committed to making healthcare easy to find, easy to understand, and easier to afford. Now, all those things are difficult in today's healthcare system. If you really try to shop for healthcare, you'll find pricing differences from 300% to 1300% difference with no greater quality. And it'll take you multiple phone calls and probably most of your day just to get that information, but we make it easier with our Smart Healthcare Platform. It allows consumers to shop and compare healthcare services at their fingertips, just like people shop for everything else now. So all the while we have live experts standing by, should they need a little extra help.

How is Point Health different?

Point Health's Smart Healthcare Platform is not just another tech bros solution to healthcare where you just throw an app at the problem, we built our technology, our data, and our services on 26 years of helping members in the trenches of the real-world healthcare system. The result is an elegant and effective solution for engaging members for empowering them to get lower costs and helping them to get the most out of their plan.

Who is a good fit for Point Health?

So really any aggregator of consumers who need to make the most of their healthcare dollars can really benefit from our Smart Healthcare Platform. This includes like TPAs health plans, we work with captives and discount medical plan providers, even healthcare sharing organizations and carriers that offer different types of health insurance like indemnity and limited benefit plans. Really anyone who wants a competitive advantage by engaging and empowering their members to lower costs for them and the plan.

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Duration: 02:15

Posted: Wednesday, November 17, 2021

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