Learn how Healthcare2U’s nationwide Direct Primary Care membership provides unlimited primary medical care to organizations of all sizes and contains out-of-pocket medical expenses for employers.


What is Healthcare2U?

Healthcare2U is an integrated, direct primary care company with members and board certified physicians in all 50 states. We provide unlimited in-person access same day or next day to board certified physicians for acute conditions, unlimited same day in-person access for urgent care and 24/7/365 virtual care. We manage 13 chronic diseases including diabetes and hypertension. An annual physical with labs is included in our bundle, as well as a basket of discount programs that include MRI, CT, x-rays, RX, and Labs. Another way to think about it is our membership provides everything that happens in the four walls of a primary care doctor's office.

How is Healthcare2U different?

Well, first off, all care starts with either a click of an app or a phone call to our bilingual patient advocates who are medical professionals. We schedule all the care for our members so they don't have to call a doctor's office, and because we're often positioned as a first call in health plans, our patient advocates educate and provide options for the issue they are calling and seeking care for. We provide continuity of care as we maintain the medical PHI and all our members in our secure database and follow the members wherever they are to receive care in our national network. Over the last 11 years, Healthcare2U has built many custom solutions with TPAs, distributors, and carriers. These solutions run the gambit from MEC, MVP, RBP, GAP, and level-funded and self-funded products that our broker partners can engage in today. We provide consistent pricing and services across our entire network. And lastly, we provide financial incentives to brokers who introduce our product to employer groups.

Who is a good fit for Healthcare2U?

Well, Healthcare2U is a very affordable membership that services really all demographics from law firms to engineering firms to CPA firms. We have a heavy presence in the blue collar environment as well as a very heavy presence in the service sectors. Because we're not an insurance product, we're a great fit for 1099 employees, benefit ineligible employees, dependent only, and part-timers. We're also a great fit for health shares to provide 90% of what an average person needs healthcare for. We have an 11 year track record of showing significant ROI in the self-funded arena.

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Posted: Friday, June 21, 2024