Leap Health

Leap Health is a specialty infusion cost optimization service for self-insured employers and TPAs. We drastically reduce the cost of specialty infusion drugs for plans and improve patient experience.


What is Leap Health?

Yeah, thanks, Chris. Leap Health is a national infusion provider that works with plan sponsors to reduce specialty drug costs and improve patient access and experience. Specialty drugs make up about 50% of employer drug spend, and infusion therapies make up about 35 to 40%. That number is only expected to increase in the future. Leap Health's model is simple. We identify patients using infusion therapies, and we work with them to set up care in a more convenient, safer place, their homes. 98% of patients receiving home care for infusions have a positive experience, yet only about 10% of patients receive their care in the home. Site of service not only matters for patient experience, it's also a major cost driver for medically-billed infusion drugs. The second part of our business is cost avoidance. When Leap Health engages a patient, we then turn to our network for procurement of the drug. Our cost model is pass-through, meaning we eliminate all of the buy and bill margin that plans currently pay when their members receive care, either in a hospital or in an infusion center. This can create tens of thousands of dollars in savings per claim. Simply put, we manage a network to ensure our clients pay the lowest cost for each drug each time. We then work directly with patients to coordinate home care. Our team runs point on the whole process and ensures a smooth experience for the member from prior authorization all the way through receiving care and beyond.

How is Leap Health different?

Leap Health is different because we're the only solution that's built for employers. Our patient acquisition strategy is to work directly with the client, their TPA, and their PBM to effectively engage patients and move them under our care. Our pass-through cost model ensures we're not incentivized to only administer high-margin drugs. Take a look at the real-life claim example on the page here for what that translates into for savings on a high-cost drug, like Tysabri. Lastly, our care guide team provides the patient with a better experience by creating a more open communication channel between the patient, the provider, and our nurses.

Who is a good fit for Leap Health?

Leap Health works with innovative employers and their broker consultants. Great fits for Leap Health are typically going to be anyone who cares about the savings potential demonstrated right here. Typically, it's gonna be self-funded employers with 1,000 employees or more. We will also work directly with third-party administrators, transparent PBMs, unions and associations, and utilization management companies. So if you're in any of those categories, we'd love to talk, perform a data analysis, and show you how we can help. www.leaphealth.com.

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Duration: 02:46

Posted: Friday, June 14, 2024