Upswing Health

Upswing Health is a Virtual Orthopedic Company that creates a better way to access high quality orthopedic care. Upswing combines AI driven technology with the human touch to provide this care


What is Upswing Health?

Chris, Upswing Health is a virtual orthopedic company founded by two orthopedic surgeons to provide a better way to deliver orthopedic care. If you think about it, when you have an orthopedic injury, there are usually two questions. One, what's wrong and what do I do about it? Upswing combines AI-driven symptom assessment technology with certified athletic trainers and orthopedic specialists to let you know what's wrong. And regardless of where you live in this country, if you have an acute orthopedic injury, you think, "Well, what do, where do I go?" If you think it's serious, you go to the emergency room, which is a very inefficient way to get care, or you can wait and see your primary care doc and a lot of times they don't have the time or expertise to help you, and they often order some unnecessary testing. Patients are put on the wrong path from the start, and that's what leads to a lot of the waste and inefficiency. And what Upswing does is it creates a virtual front door and puts those patients on the right path from the moment that they have an orthopedic complaint. Might be some self-help instructional treatment, or it might mean some virtual physical therapy or even imaging or seeing a orthopedic surgeon in person. What Upswing does, is it triages the patient and puts them on the right path. And since we're founded by physicians, we can easily integrate into all workflows.

How is Upswing Health different?

Well first, we're a orthopedic surgeon founded and led company, and most of our competitors are virtual physical therapy companies, and they're very good at what they do, which is managing chronic conditions. But we can take care of acute and chronic problems, and what we do is different. We assess and triage the patient so that they're on the correct path. Physical therapy is really important and patients do well with it, but sometimes you don't really need physical therapy. You just need some self-help programs. On the other times, you might need to actually see a orthopedic surgeon. Upswing triages patients and puts them on the right path and we have proof that it works. In a study with the state of Connecticut Health Plan members, we reduced overall utilization of orthopedic services by 38% and saved over 1,000 per engaged member, and our net promoter score of 85 indicates a very high level of member satisfaction.

Who is a good fit for Upswing Health?

Well, you know, orthopedic spend is consistently one of the top three cost drivers for employers and plan sponsors. Orthopedics is also the most amenable to inducing a better way, and to show immediate ROI. So any company that is looking to decrease overall orthopedic spend while at the same time increasing employee satisfaction should talk with us at Upswing.

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Duration: 02:49

Posted: Friday, May 24, 2024