KMG Services

We are an enrollment and billing platform service for benefit brokers and general agents. We can build, white label your platform or use ours or your own Employee Navigator AND we do all the work.


What is KMG Services?

KMG Services is an enrollment and billing platform service for benefit brokers and general agents. As a broker or even an HR person, managing benefits for employer groups and their employees can be a full-time job. We do all the work so the broker can go out and sell, or so the HR person can focus on more important aspects of their positions. We build and white label an enrollment platform and manage the business intake. Or as an integrated partner with Employee Navigator, you can save by using our license if we are hired to perform the work on your behalf. If you have your own Employee Navigator license, you can just give us access to perform that work, whatever's most efficient, cost-effective for our broker clients. So why hire, train and manage people when KMG can do it for you at a fraction of the cost and allow you to go out and spend more time selling?

How is KMG Services different?

Since we partner with multiple technologies, we not only perform the services necessary for the agency or group to run smoothly, but can also handle the commission payments and tracking to agents, payments to vendors, and consolidated billing by utilizing those multiple technologies. We have learned there are several good options out in the marketplace, but they're not all in one place. KMG brings that value to the broker and their clients. So typically, we see companies like ours that offer a service with a caveat that they own and control the data. We do not believe that. We believe that the data is ours to manage only. If the client wants to leave our services for one reason or another, we don't hold that data. We turn that data back over to the client without question.

Who is a good fit for KMG Services?

Any benefits broker, general agent, or FMO with several vendors they represent wanting to aggregate them all in one place to be able to enroll, consolidate the billing, and/or manage the vendor payments and commissions. Associations and chamber programs are a great use for our services to allow them to promote benefits or programs within the Chamber Association that are otherwise harder to gain visibility on through conventional methods. But really any organization, insurance-related or not, that offers multiple programs or vendor products that require some sort of enrollment and possible recurring billing could fit well within KMG Services.

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Posted: Thursday, June 6, 2024