Hike Medical

Hike Medical offers custom insoles to employees via 30 second foot scan which can be captured with any camera.


What is Hike?

Hike Medical is a healthcare technology company with the mission of making foot health ubiquitous. We use AI and 3D printing to make custom foot care accessible to everybody. We enable employees to receive custom insoles from home in five minutes using any device. Foot pain is experienced by many, and the escalations are even more costly and painful. Employers can't justify the hefty cost of custom insoles today, and employees in pain shouldn't have to wait for two to three doctor's visits and six to eight weeks for a pair of fully custom, high-grade insoles. With Hike, your employees will upload two simple videos of their feet via our web application and receive their insoles at home just a few days later. Our company's backed by the seventh-largest orthotics and prosthetics clinical services provider in the country, and we help them treat their 150,000 patients annually with the help of our technology. No more store-bought insoles that don't work, fall-causing floor mats, and high-priced custom insoles needed. We have the verified solution.

How is Hike different?

Well, Chris, there is quite a bit that makes Hike different. For starters, accessibility is the guiding value of our company. We believe everyone should have access to the care that keeps them moving. Our platform is on the web, so there are no app downloads, fancy sensors, or doctor's visits required. Hike also offers foot-scanning assistance, white-glove service, and 24/7 support in seven languages with an average response time of two minutes and 40 seconds. Employees enroll in benefits they actually need, and Hike is a testament to that. We have two times the national average benefits enrollment rate with a majority of our lives under contract, actively using our product today. This is because we've made our cutting-edge technology easy to use. We've developed proprietary deep-learning and 3D printing technologies that allow for anyone to step into pain-free workdays from the palm of their hands. Employers that work with Hike can expect to see an increase in productivity, a boost in morale, and a decrease in lower-extremity MSK health spend. Workers who work on hard surfaces are almost 30% more likely to experience a lower extremity MSD without the right support. Our custom insoles make a meaningful difference.

Who is a good fit for Hike?

The answer to that is truly everyone. There are 16 billion feet on this planet, and we intend to help all of them in due time. For now, though, we're focused on blue-collar workforces in manufacturing, transportation, warehousing and logistics, and food and beverage. Our insoles are tough, just like the people who use them, ready to last for one year with heavy-duty usage. This is three times the industry standard. We partner with benefit and HR leaders that are focused on increasing employee engagement in 2024 while decreasing health spend. Our product is both physical and digital, enabling large numbers of employees to actively participate. We're already working with some of the biggest names in heavy equipment, metals, and retail services, and we'd love to help keep your workforce moving as well. Thank you.

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Duration: 02:54

Posted: Sunday, March 3, 2024

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