HealthCorum Provider Insights

HealthCorum Provider Insights is our proprietary Generative AI solution that distills provider scores and metrics into text in layman’s terms, enabling a deeper level of understanding on the providers


What is HealthCorum Provider Insights?

HealthCorum Provider Insights is our generative AI solution, which distills HealthCorum Provider scores and metrics into text written in layman's terms, enabling patients to obtain a deeper level of understanding on the providers they are considering. Traditionally, the healthcare industry has been marked by labor-intensive processes, administrative burdens, and inefficiencies. HealthCorum Provider Insights will improve patient experience and ultimately lead to better clinical outcomes, Our partners can easily access these valuable insights via our API.

How is HealthCorum Provider Insights different?

HealthCorum is the only company in the market offering a solution like Provider Insights. We are excited to pioneer the next generation of provider performance communications and offer our partners a novel solution that makes provider scores and underlying metrics easily actionable for patients and care providers. HealthCorum Provider Insights is the result of an extensive research and development effort. We have developed our own language model, specifically designed for carrying out complicated tasks that require deep knowledge and lots of computing power. HealthCorum's quality scores are based on complex data and statistical models that offer an objective view of the provider's performance. On the other hand, HealthCorum's Providers Insights makes it easy for patients to have a distilled view on these complicated metrics.

Who is a good fit for HealthCorum Provider Insights?

That's a great question. HealthCorum Provider Insights can serve valuable information to healthcare consumers and care navigators via the provider directories and point solution they already utilize for provider search. Health plans, self-funded employers, TPAs, and their technology solution providers can integrate seamlessly with our Provider Insights API.

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Duration: 02:29

Posted: Sunday, February 18, 2024

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