Decent builds level funded employer health plans around Direct Primary Care for 40% less than market rates.


What is Decent?

Decent is a healthcare startup that builds level-funded health plans around direct primary care for 40% less than fully-insured market rates. And when a member listens to their direct primary care doctor, all of their covered care costs $0 out of pocket.

How is Decent different?

Well, let's talk about what it is today to have a health plan because right now, the average health plan costs for small businesses has quadrupled since the year 2000. It costs $24,000 per family per year on employer-sponsored care, according to KFF. And the Net Promoter Score on an average health plan is 26. Decent's different because we come in at 40% cheaper and because our Net Promoter Score is 79 instead of 26. Now how do we do that? We work with these direct primary care doctors so that your whole plan is built around listening to your doctor. And in fact, when you listen to your doctor or provider, 'cause we work with nurse practitioners too, then all of your care is $0 out of pocket. And you can see that here, Chris. It's primary care, behavioral, specialty surgery, maternity, hospital, and prescription through a transparent PBM. Now, we know not everybody's gonna want to work with a direct primary care doctor. We know that some people aren't gonna want to see a specialist in our growing high-performance network, and that's okay, but that will be a $3,000 deductible with cost-sharing. So what we see again and again is about 90% of people will get that free care, and that's, again, good enough to come in at 40% cheaper than fully-insured market rates. Net Promoter Score of 79 versus the industry average of 26. Decent is different.

Who is a good fit for Decent?

Small and mid-sized businesses, we'll go low as five employees, and we just recently got asked to quote a 600 employee group, so if you have a need, we're going to figure it out. You can start to see some nice notes from some employers that have picked us. We are always going after better and cheaper. It has to be both. We take that really seriously. I'm the only one in my family that's not a primary care doctor. We have to get this right for them. And the advisors and the broker community also really loves Decent. You can see that quote from Taylor Rogers over there. And so we sell exclusively through y'all. And so we do not have and we will not have a direct sales team. We need the brokers' and the advisors' help to grow and really take this great thing that we've got for employers and bring it to you.

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Duration: 02:23

Posted: Friday, May 10, 2024