MuuvWell is a corporate wellness solution that offers personalized interactions with health experts, unlimited coaching support, engaging content, and regular challenges through its mobile app.


What is MuuvWell?

MuuvWell is a corporate wellness solution that delivers services through our app, which is MuuvWell. It was developed from my experience as a Minor League Baseball player. After I got released, I wanted to create access to healthcare, the same healthcare that I had access to as a Minor League Baseball player, which include personal trainers, dieticians, and doctors of physical therapy. So MuuvWell allows us to do that through our digital platform.

How is MuuvWell different?

Again, our access to healthcare is what really separates us apart. So our mobile app delivers what a lot of other programs have, which is challenges, educational activities, tracking, and on-demand programs, but what is different is the access to the healthcare, and so they can simply message their coach at any moment, have a virtual visit with a personal trainer or a physical therapy visit with them on an unlimited basis. So that's a great value for these employees. And from those visits, what'll be created is custom care plans and custom programs that helps them live better. Additionally, what makes us a little different is our engagement. Our engagement is at about a 60% level, which is much higher than other programs in the space, and the way we do that is by establishing content and engaging associates on a regular basis. So if we don't hear from individuals, we will actually reach out on a personal basis to those individuals and pull them back into conversation. Or we even have some programs that we establish with the company, such as our Ambassador Program, that actually utilizes their employees to be the boots on the ground and to promote the program from within.

Who is a good fit for MuuvWell?

We really focus on small to medium sized businesses, so that could be anywhere from five employees to 1,000 employees. The reason we focus on smaller businesses is because we are very relationship driven, and smaller companies allow us to establish a relationship, which leads to accountability, which leads to greater wellness changes.

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Posted: Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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