zakipoint Health

Employers and employees are looking for price transparency, navigation, and ways of getting value from their healthcare spend. We help you deliver digital care navigation to employees, and show ROI


What is zakipoint Health?

Well, thank you, Chris. You know, the issue is members in our healthcare system lack price transparency. They lack direction and an understanding of what is in it for them, where the value is, and funny, it is the same thing for the employers who lack an understanding of where the risks are, where the cost drivers are, what to do about this, and which of their 9 to 10 point solutions is actually delivering value so that they should be promoting more and more of that. So we solve that problem by providing a digital front door that is tech-driven to be able to integrate all the point solutions in one place and then be able to deliver that beautiful member experience that is AI-driven, 24 by 7 serving the member to get them to the right places of care at the right time that are high-quality and low-cost.

How is zakipoint Health different?

Yeah, so there are three things about this. First is, we bring a whole bunch of different things in one place in this digital front door that unifies the member experience based on what the member actually wants, so we bring all the administrative tools around EOB, ID cards, we bring in the cost estimator tool, which is a requirement, and thirdly, we are integrating all these proactive kind of solutions in one place that we can promote to the member. The second thing that's really unique is we have artificial-intelligence driven AI bot that serves the member 24 by 7 and then diagnoses the situation, what they're looking for, where the questions, are queries are, and then connects them to the right program services, and thirdly, we are using machine learning to be able to personalize campaigns that are delivered that are unique to the member to get them to use alternative places of care or to find right alternative providers, or to use mail order medication. These three things are really unique about us.

Who is a good fit for zakipoint Health?

Yeah, so as you can see, the impact we are having on this 4,500 employee life group where we reduced risks by, 30% of the high-risk members were engaged. We reduced risks in the population. We are having greatest impact on this middle market employer because of the personalization. Anyone that is 500 employees or more is having this impact. We are serving their benefit consultants to not only reduce these risks and costs and get the members to the right places of care, but also to report on that, to be able to tell the story through reporting and analytics at the end of it.

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Duration: 02:43

Posted: Wednesday, April 24, 2024

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