AZOVA is a tech-enabled healthcare company offering comprehensive upstream virtual preventive care screenings, at-home diagnostic testing, and virtual, in-person and at-home healthcare nationwide


What is AZOVA?

We like to say our healthcare system is broken, so we created a new one. Our goal at AZOVA is to become the most comprehensive benefits delivery platform in the world. We are a nationwide clinical practice powered by quantitative lab results, AI, technology, and clinical expertise, which dramatically drives more efficient care at reduced costs. So what does this mean? Well, for employers and payers, AZOVA has two tracks. The first is Whole Health membership program where our functional nutrition and root cause approach to healthcare deliver on the findings of our HEALTHBOX Virtual Wellness Preventive Exam, and more importantly, the resulting Vitality Index Report, a roadmap for better health. We find and treat many chronic and acute issues in all stages, from maternal care to sleep to testing. The second track is our drug testing program, where we offer state-of-the-art, oral fluid testing, proctored at home, delivering nearly instant results. No more inconvenient labs and waiting.

How is AZOVA different?

We turn healthcare delivery on its head by requiring a comprehensive lab test paired with a health risk assessment out of the gate. So first, we remove a lot of the inefficiency embedded in the system. We don't need to guess who needs care, education, or navigation. We already know, and we have AI-created individualized care plans to execute from. By leveraging functional medicine's root cause approach, we get people off medications and remove the need for expensive treatments. Our massive scale in COVID taught us how to deliver labs, educate members, and led to services like doulas, home sleep programs, and even oral testing done at home. Healthcare does not need more point solutions or complication. AZOVA is one trusted call for care.

Who is a good fit for AZOVA?

We created our model to serve members with and without insurance, the young, the old, and those with varying degrees of technical skills. When people talk about gaps in care, they have absolutely no idea how big some of those gaps actually are. Many employers want to offer better healthcare but have few affordable options. With AZOVA, employers can provide highly effective care to full-time and even part-time employees. We work with employers of all sizes and health plans nationally.

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Duration: 02:44

Posted: Thursday, April 25, 2024

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