Hines & Associates Inc.

We improve patient lives through exceptional customer service by knowledgeable staff who truly care. Differentiated by a network replacement option, via upfront agreements and strategic negotiations.


What is Hines?

Thank you so much, Chris, for the opportunity today. Hines started out 36 years ago. Judy Hines founded the organization with the goal of keeping people healthy, ultimately. Since then, in 36 years, we've evolved a little bit. Do everything from predictive analytics on the front end, sit down, build out custom programs around chronic condition management, wellness, obviously, utilization review and care management that we've been known for for the full 36 years, all the way through to network development, negotiations, and in fact, a full-network replacement.

How is Hines different?

This is a great question. You got three bullets up on the screen. I'm going to tell you a quick story to illustrate them. So we had a patient that went into hospital. She had some back pain. Ultimately, what happened was that evolved very rapidly. It was an out-of-network facility. Our nurse got in there early, golden hour principal in emergency medicine, act early and you can have a good outcome. She was able to determine that there was no other option, rural facility, had to stay there, engaged our network negotiation team, they put in place a case rate. In the meantime, explored the the individuals situation. This woman, she was not just a back-pain case, she was a human being. We understood that she had a family, she had a spouse who was unemployed and going through some depression as a result, had a child. Situation deteriorated rapidly, ended up being an oncology case. We were able to bring in our oncology nurse and our behavioral health nurse, because this was a human being going through a lot of different things and we had an integrated team that we could put together to solve for her specific situation. Engaged the oncology nurse, educated them on where things were likely headed as the situation ended up being a tumor that was cancerous, in fact, and her situation kind of went downhill pretty quickly. Our team was able to reassure them, give them an idea of where things were headed, because we have that personal touch. The bill came in, was over a million dollars. We ended up paying 100,000, but more importantly, we understood this human trying to navigate a broken system, which is scary at best of times, but terrifying under this specific circumstance. And our team was able to guide them and give them at least some reassurance of where things were headed.

Who is a good fit for Hines?

Hey, look, we love to sit down with people, understand their unique situation, and design custom solutions. And we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. We really, truly care about your employees, your members, and we take good care of them. So if you're looking for that, that's us. We have groups from 1 to 20,000+. Bottom line, if you're watching this video, we'd love to chat.

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Duration: 02:45

Posted: Tuesday, October 17, 2023

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