Vitable Health

Vitable is a simple and affordable direct primary care plan with in-home visits, free Rx, and $0 copay - designed to reduce stop-loss premiums and employee claims cost up to 30% for self-funded groups


What is Vitable Health?

Thank you, Chris. Vitable is a simple and affordable direct primary care plan engineered to act as a cost containment solution for self-funded and level funded groups ranging from 20 employees to 2000. Our membership provides on-demand virtual visits, over 1000 free prescriptions, chronic condition management like diabetes and asthma and a nice mobile app to manage it all. This effectively redirects up to 80% of primary, chronic, and urgent care claims through our fixed cost membership of just $30 per employee per month, no copays or deductibles.

How is Vitable different?

So Vitable's competitive advantage can be summed up in two key points. The first, for employers. By offering Vitable, employers see increased participation and utilization of their company sponsored benefit. Average utilization of Vitable memberships range from 14 to 21% month over month. Next, quality of care. We have a phenomenal net promoter score of 84. For reference, proven brands like Hims and Hers Health and Teladoc have net promoter scores of 39 and 21 respectively. And our mobile application also has a five out of five star rating on the app store. And then two, for employees. In addition to same-day virtual visits, we provide in-home concierge visits. Think Uber but for your health and wellbeing. Gone are the days of sitting in waiting rooms and missing work for doctor's appointments. And finally, mental health therapy and dependents are included. You are not hearing things. Same day virtual mental health and dependents are added at no cost.

Who is a good fit for Vitable Health?

Vitable is an ideal fit for companies of all shapes and sizes especially those with a large population of hourly employees. Industries like blue collar, hospitality, nonprofit, manufacturing and professional services are susceptible to premium increases ranging from 7% or more but that's not the scary part. Surveys signal significant rate increases over the next three years and still, 60% of companies say they're satisfied with their healthcare costs per the Kaiser Family Foundation's benefit survey. We have to start demanding more for ourselves and those around us. Billie Jean King said "pressure is a privilege" and we believe that starts with high quality, accessible primary care. That's who we are and what we set out to achieve, vital and affordable healthcare, Vitable Health.

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Duration: 02:49

Posted: Monday, September 11, 2023

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