We provide relationship-based concierge primary and preventative care to schools and businesses through a nursing first healthcare system via onsite clinics, concierge home care, and virtual health.


What is HealthBar?

HealthBar is an on-demand, highly accessible and completely customizable healthcare service provider with a mission to help people live healthier lives through proactive and enhanced primary care. Our healthcare partnership program, direct primary care, and concierge services are designed specifically for employers, and are changing lives by meeting people where they are. We're a healthcare movement that's redefining how healthcare should be delivered and breaking the payer provider relationship. Founded by nurses, our model is built upon relationships and dedicated care teams. Healthcare shouldn't be a series of transactions surrounding illness. It should be a journey walked together with your healthcare provider towards a state of health and fulfillment.

How is HealthBar different?

Our focus is on relationships through dedicated care teams who serve our customers, allowing us to achieve best in class engagement. Organizations see, on average, a greater than 75% total workforce engagement rate within the first 12 months. This level of engagement speaks to the quality and value of our services, as well as the immense need that exists for primary and preventative care. It also allows us to drive reduced healthcare costs, completely covering our program fees, and additionally delivering a net 7 to 14% savings for the employer. Our scope of services allows us for a comprehensive solution to nearly all of your healthcare needs, whether it's a pre-employment physical, injury or illness care, health coaching, nurse navigation, or chronic disease management. We're here to address all those needs and more. Another unique thing about HealthBar is that you can choose from several different program options, including onsite clinics, no cost to set up or build out required, virtual concierge health, and even concierge care in the home, all designed with your team in mind. We truly bring healthcare to you without any strings attached. We don't bill insurance, and we work under a standard monthly fee that's a fraction of the cost of traditional healthcare services.

Who is a good fit for HealthBar?

Any employer looking to take better care of their employees and reduce their medical spend is a great fit for HealthBar. Our services enhance employee productivity, company culture, and healthcare access, along with reducing healthcare costs. We're not just another healthcare provider. We're a true healthcare partner that'll help you and your employees navigate the complexities of a healthcare environment. With no ties to insurance or healthcare systems, we remain completely agnostic, looking out for your team's best interests. Self-funded employers can more directly realize the positive financial impacts of our programs. Though we work with many fully insured and level funded companies, our portfolio of current clients would be happy to speak with you, regarding our services, and how they've realized how impactful a dedicated care team and a relationship-based healthcare can be.

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Duration: 02:57

Posted: Tuesday, January 16, 2024

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