Appro-Rx Disruptive Simplicity. Clarity in contracts. No hidden fees. Of any kind. It’s your data—you own it. You can access it. Any time. Responsive client service. Even after the contract is signed.


What is Appro-Rx?

Appro-Rx is a PBM. I would say transparent, but I think that that leaves room for interpretation, so honest PBM is what comes to mind. Appro-Rx is a problem-solver. We focus our flexible technology solutions on creativity, human energy, and our relentless dedication to client service on one thing, helping our clients reach their business goals. Because we collect money from our clients, we have taken on the role as a fiduciary to ensure that our clients are getting the best possible deal with their PBM, both financially and clinically, and that's a fiduciary role we take very seriously.

How is Appro-Rx different?

Appro-Rx, it means appropriate prescription. We put the management back into prescription benefits and make sure that the employees are taking the right meds for the right reasons. We allow customizable formularies, real-time claims processing and adjudication, and we have an unbundled administration fee which allows for clarity in our contract. At Appro, you'll know exactly who your account manager is and even talk to him by first name. Our focus is solely on the most appropriate and cost-effective usage and your lowest net cost. No conflicts of interest and nothing to hide. We set out to develop a PBM that uses an acquisition plus model, and we're not getting richer off of your sicker employees. Appro-Rx manages the drug plan design, prior authorizations, step therapy, and other programs. We do disclose any and all fees or commissions that are paid to benefit professionals or TPAs directly or indirectly related to the plan.

Who is a good fit for Appro-Rx?

Employers, benefit consultants and brokers, third-party administrators. When you're looking for a PBM, potential customers should evaluate factors such as cost-effectiveness, network coverage, formulary options, customer service, and the ability to integrate with existing healthcare systems. It's important for us at Appro-Rx to align with the specific needs and goals of our customers, whether that be cost savings, improved health outcomes, or streamlined administration.

Duration: 02:35

Posted: Friday, December 15, 2023

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