Lark Health

Lark is an innovative digital health platform that leverages conversational AI coaching, connected devices, & predictive analytics to empower employees towards better health & quality of life.


What is Lark Health?

Lark is the leading AI virtual healthcare coaching platform, helping nearly two million people lose and manage weight, prevent chronic conditions, and deal with stress and anxiety. Using conversational AI, connected devices and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, Lark empowers individuals to form healthy habits, allowing them to improve their health, manage weight, lose weight at unprecedented levels.

How is Lark Health different?

Data tells us that if you were to join the gym in January as part of your New Year's resolution, there's a 70% chance you'd drop out within the first five months. Now, you could pay for a personal trainer so that you get constant support, great advice between visits, but there's a problem with that. First of all, you may not be able to afford a trainer. Second, there aren't enough trainers, so what if you can't find one that accommodates your schedule? And third, what do you do between visits with the trainer to increase the odds you hit your goals? This analogy is a great way to think about Lark Health Solutions. By using conversational AI coaching, we reach people where they are with no barriers to access, plus provide access to clinically based healthcare 24/7. The fact is much of what a person needs to know to succeed in managing chronic health issues and losing weight doesn't always require human interaction. Human led solutions have limited hours, and that doesn't work for everyone. In fact, over 60% of our members work out during non-business hours. Lark is fun, encouraging, engaging, convenient, and cost-effective.

Who is a good fit for Lark Health?

Lark Health partners with major national health plans and employers. If you're a large self-insured employer seeking top-notch solutions for chronic condition management and weight management, Lark is the go-to vendor for you. Our diverse programs include diabetes prevention, diabetes care, hypertension, and even wellness, focusing on smoking cessation, stress and sleep. But we've got three new programs this year under weight management. The first is our Healthy Weight program. It's an affordable, highly engaging program designed for anyone looking to lose weight or manage weight, inform healthy habits, focusing on nutrition, exercise, improved sleep, and stress reduction. The next program is our GLP-1 Companion program. This is everything included in healthy weight with the addition of also helping people who are on GLP-1 medications, helping them with adherence, side effects, and also just setting them up to be successful so they can eventually graduate off the drugs. And last is our clinician guided step therapy. This is everything included in the other two programs, plus the addition of NCQA certified clinicians. The clinicians ensure that the drugs are used on the right people at the right time, and that those folks are set up to do well, so they can eventually graduate off the medications. Check us out at

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Posted: Friday, November 17, 2023

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