Jasper Health

Jasper Health is a hybrid digital and human led cancer support solution for people affected by cancer.


What is Jasper Health?

Hey, Chris. Thanks for having me. Jasper Health is an end-to-end oncology solution delivering psychosocial support and guidance for people affected by cancer. This support spans from diagnosis through remission to palliative and end of life care. Our solution is hybrid, meaning we provide a digital member experience led by human coaches. The digital component is our Jasper app. It's a smart planner tracking tool and personalized resource hub all in one place. Members track their moods, symptoms, medications, and side effects with the option to connect wearable devices like Apple and Fitbit to collect valuable biometric data. This paints a holistic picture for the member's unique experience, giving care coaches and care teams more information to make better, faster decisions. Our care coaches are the heart of our program and everyone who joins Jasper receives a dedicated care coach. Our coaches conduct a patient intake identifying the needs of that individual and then build a shared action plan specific to that member. So while our digital app allows for an automated self-service option, our Jasper care coaches add a critical human component of empathetic cancer care support. It's simple. Better supported patients drive better outcomes.

How is Jasper Health different?

Well, we like to say that our superpower is our patient-centered, full cycle model. So from that member facing app to the data to the human led coaching, the navigation, the Jasper nudge engine, and the clinical connection, Jasper Health is a unique in-market solution. Each one of these components performs a specific function in the care navigation for a member with cancer. Their working relationship and interoperability is what makes Jasper Health's care navigation solution so dynamic and engaging.

Who is a good fit for Jasper Health?

Any organization that has people affected by cancer and their loved ones. Whether the individual is newly diagnosed, currently in treatment, in remission, palliative, or end of life care, or if they're a caregiver, we know that cancer is now the top driver of employer healthcare. Jasper Health can reduce total cost of care by reducing avoidable costs related to cancer. Plus employers who offer Jasper to their employees as part of their benefit plan stand out in today's market showing prospective and current employees that they care about all stages of their lives.

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Duration: 02:37

Posted: Tuesday, February 28, 2023

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