Marathon Health

We simplify healthcare for employers by combining independent primary care with value-driven population health management to deliver healthier members and meaningful savings.


What is Marathon Health?

Yeah, so we are a direct to employer advanced primary care platform. We contract with employers and serve their member populations in a value-based care arrangement. It's a capitated model, and we're incentivized to drive outcomes with the employers' member populations that we serve. We deliver these services in person, through onsite, near site, Marathon Health-owned network locations, and virtually through our own dedicated virtual care teams across the United States. And those care teams typically include providers, health coaches, behavioral health counselors, care coordinators to help each member find high quality care within their plan.

How is Marathon Health different?

Yeah, well, you see some numbers up there, and I could certainly answer this question running through a lot of those facts and figures demonstrating the success we've had with other employer clients we've had. But you know, really the recipe for how we are different involves three key areas that we stand out at. And the first one is how we work with each of our clients and their benefit consultant to design a solution that's hyper accessible and convenient for the member populations. The second is how we leverage data to design and employ proactive engagement strategies to drive meaningful engagement with their populations. And the third is how we empower those care teams that we have to manage the whole patient health and incentivize them to deliver quantifiable outcomes. And really, only by doing these three things really well can we change the trajectory of the employer's total healthcare spend. And Marathon Health has been doing this for 17 years and perfected that, and that's really what makes us different.

Who is a good fit for Marathon Health?

Yeah, really, I hate to say employers of all sizes, but really our client base does encompass employers from around 100 employees on up to 20,000-plus employee organizations. Usually, they're self-funded, or actually a lot of times they're self-funded, and really on a path to being self-funded, and they represent almost every industry, heavier in manufacturing, government, universities and professional services or school corps and professional services. But the common theme really tends to be that these are employers that are experiencing increasing medical trend. They have high concentrations of chronic conditions, they've actually tried a lot of point solutions, and just haven't seen the impact on those. And so they're ready to consolidate those vendors into a single solution like ours to start to change their trend at the point of care with the care teams that we provide.

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Duration: 02:47

Posted: Thursday, December 1, 2022

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