WellNet Healthcare

WellNet fixes the unaffordable healthcare mess – for companies & their people – by combating vested carrier interests, building smarter self-funded solutions & optimizing the employee experience.


What is WellNet Healthcare?

WellNet is an independent, third-party administrator that builds and optimizes level-funded and traditionally self-funded medical and prescription plans. WellNet is the TPA of choice for employers looking for an alternative strategy to manage their medical and prescription costs, while also providing a better overall experience for their employees. Employers and consultants choose WellNet because they want a fresh-thinking, innovative business partner, a partner who can analyze their current spending and recommend immediate and long-term strategies to enhance the member experience, while simultaneously reducing the cost of claims. As a privately held, independent TPA run by entrepreneurs, WellNet builds medical and prescription plans that take advantage of the inefficiencies within America's healthcare system. Our customized plans are better for employees, their families, and the employers we serve.

How is WellNet Healthcare different?

WellNet is very intentional about removing excess cost and waste within medical and prescription plans. We proactively deploy our cost containment strategies so that when claims happen, they don't cost as much for the employer or the member. Every employer is unique regarding their hunger for savings and ability or willingness to change, which is why we created our crawl, walk, run approach. Employers and consultants can evolve their plans at a pace that makes the most sense and in ways that make the most sense for them. WellNet creates informed and educated members by helping them understand the cost and quality of virtually every provider. Like a GPS for healthcare, we provide members direct access to a health advocate or concierge who genuinely cares for them, listens to their unique needs, and guides them to the most appropriate provider based on exactly what the member is looking for.

Who is a good fit for WellNet Healthcare?

Employers and consultants who are fed up with the status quo of healthcare in America. Employers that are tired of having to increase employee premium contributions each year and decrease benefits by way of higher copays and deductibles. WellNet's partners have the courage and desire to do something different. They're willing to hire an expert, a partner, to help them manage their medical and prescription expenses the same way they manage every other aspect of their business, using data, people, and processes to create improved efficiency. The partners we work with are making different kinds of decisions at renewal time. They're choosing what benefits to add and how to decrease costs for employees and their families. WellNet is a great fit for employers looking to use their medical and prescription plan as a competitive advantage when it comes to hiring and retaining the best talent in their industry.

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Duration: 02:53

Posted: Tuesday, December 20, 2022

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