United Pet Care

UPC is an instant and affordable pet care plan with no exclusions due to age, pre-existing or breed-specific conditions. UPC members save 20-50% on every vet visit through our network of 1,500+ vets.


What is United Pet Care?

United Pet Care is a pet care membership plan modeled as an HMO for fur babies with a mission to make pet care affordable and accessible to pet parents. We pre-negotiate savings on behalf of our members with a network of veterinarians. We have 1500 vets and growing. Our members save 20 to 50% off of all services that their in-network vet administers in-house including things often excluded by pet insurance such as wellness exams, routine care, and vaccinations and beyond to dental exams, emergency care, and x-rays. Just for example. UPC also offers members access to a 24/7 Pet helpline for questions from urgent care to behavioral help, access to a human equivalent pet prescription savings card for up to 87% off and other savings on pet wellness products. Simply sign up to be a member. Select your in-network vet. Tell us about your pets, receive your membership card and start saving at your next vet visit.

How is United Pet Care different?

For employees... First, we have predictable pricing, less than $20 per pet per month for all pets. Second, UPC is inclusive. Unlike pet insurance, there are no exclusions due to age, preexisting conditions or breed. We have up to 10 times higher employee acceptance rates than traditional pet insurance and we are easy to use with no claim forms or deductibles. For employers and brokers we are zero cost with no hidden fees and our integration is very straightforward and low effort. We strive to be easy to do business with and have high satisfaction rates with a net promoter score of 60 and average monthly customer satisfaction scores in the mid 90s.

Who is a good fit for United Pet Care?

Benefits providers and employer groups that understand that 66% of households have fur babies that they consider them part of the family and are coming to expect that they are included in benefit packages. Employer groups of all sizes with employees centralized around large metro areas where UPC has in-network vets as seen on this map which can be drilled into on our website's vet search. As for employees, all employees that have fur babies and care about affordable pet care, are great fits.

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Posted: Tuesday, August 15, 2023

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