Diathrive Health

Diathrive Health provides chronic disease management services to health plans and self-funded employers who save 50-85% in year 1. Industry-leading engagement (50-100%) and NPS scores (over 80) drive first-year savings and ongoing ROI.


What is Diathrive Health?

Diathrive Health is a different kind of digital therapeutics company. We help plans, self-funded employers and others manage their healthcare spend so that they follow that age-old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Diabetes has become a $330 billion epidemic with 35 million people suffering from it and expenditures on it and other chronic diseases generally comprise 80 to 90% of a healthcare plan's spend. So, Diathrive Health's entire goal is to generate real, first year, hard dollar savings for our clients. We use claims and data analysis, educational apps, and health advisors to do that. And our health advisors are real, human, highly qualified clinicians. We've never met an artificial intelligence with diabetes so we don't use bots or automated content delivery systems. Our clinicians are especially trained so that each person receives personalized care that helps them address the psychosocial issues they confront managing a chronic disease.

How is Diathrive Health different?

Yeah, there are three ways our program is different. First, it's different because we tell people upfront through a claims analysis exactly what they'll save and we put 100% of fees at risk. We reduce your healthcare spend or you get our program for free. We've collaborated with Milliman to refine our savings analysis and we're putting our money where our mouth is. The second way, is that we focus on addressing the psychosocial reasons why people don't do the things we all know how to do; the diet, exercise, taking medications, et cetera. So, Dr. Bill Polonksy is our chief clinical psychologist and he's spent the last 40 years refining the methods we use to help people overcome barriers to better health. Our members love us because we address what really matters to them in a personalized way and that's why we routinely get really high NPSs scores, over 80. Finally, our program is different because we get outsized results. We've never lost a customer. We generate 50 to 80% savings in the first year. Our engagement rates are 10 times the industry average and that's why we can put 100% of our fees at risk.

Who is a good fit for Diathrive Health?

You know, really Chris any health plan, or self-funded plan, or plan sponsor who wants to truly address their population's diseases should contact us. We've started with diabetes but we're already working on additional modules to address other chronic conditions that drive costs for employers and plans. So, really anyone who wants to lower their spend and get better health outcomes should contact us.

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Duration: 02:44

Posted: Wednesday, March 30, 2022

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