Carepath Benefits

We are a level-funded group health plan that is designed to bring large group, self-funded benefits to small and mid-sized employers.


What is Carepath Benefits?

Carepath Benefits is a level-funded group health plan, that's designed to bring large-group, self-funded benefits to small and mid-sized employers. Our intention in creating Carepath was to provide those small/ mid-sized groups a truly different option. We noticed that these small groups were often getting overlooked or underserved, and seemingly offered the same, ever-rising premium plan year after year after year, and we wanted to make sure to offer them a different option. Let them take some control back over their premium dollars, as well as potentially receive those unused premium dollars back at the end of the year. Plan focuses on controlling the key drivers which escalate healthcare costs, and couples that with patient advocacy and education.

How is Carepath Benefits different?

Our goal is to be defined by the value that we bring to our small groups. In doing so, we offer several programs within the plan that help to educate our members and therefore lower their costs. Additionally, we've partnered with a phenomenal TPA in Edison Health Solutions. In doing so, we've made our offering even stronger. I don't know of another level-funded plan right now on the market that offers the value that we do, from our Prescription Pathway program to our proactive member navigation where we make the first call and don't require the member to do so. Not to mention the Centers of Excellence program, the 200,000+ direct contracts we have access to. We offer a truly different option to the small and mid-size group. Typically, those benefits are only offered to large groups.

Who is a good fit for Carepath Benefits?

Well, on the group side, we're an ideal fit for groups from 2 to 200 employees who want to take control of their benefits, and reap some of those potential rewards that come with it. Additionally, on the advisor side, we're looking at advisors who really wanna provide a different solution, and not just chase price year in and year out. They know that that's not the answer. I really do get excited. I've recently been talking to some advisors who've never offered level-funded products, so we're happy to educate and teach folks how to or how it works, so they can present it in the right light to their groups. If this seems like it might be you, might be a fit, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. I'd love to see if we can give you a different solution to offer.

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Duration: 02:35

Posted: Monday, October 17, 2022

Video tags: Under 50 EEs, 51 - 100 EEs, 101 - 250 EEs