ScriptCo Pharmacy B2B

To our knowledge, ScriptCo is the first and still the only pharmacy in America to sell medications at cost. ScriptCo is a high tech brick-and-mortar mail order pharmacy that serves all states.


What is ScriptCo Pharmacy B2B?

So, ScriptCo is a software as a solution and high tech mail order facility. We currently serve the entire United States and to our Knowledge ScriptCo is the only solution that offers medications at pass through pricing. We have zero margin in the medication. Our only margin, Chris, is coming from membership fees. For plans, we save plans on average $250 per employee per year after they pay for the membership fees, the medications, shipping, everything all in. So it's a significant savings to plan sponsors and we currently serve three different verticals. So plan sponsors , fulfillment and direct to consumer.

How is ScriptCo Pharmacy B2B different?

Yeah, we could go into a long dissertation on this slide, but you can see there is a ton of perverse incentives that happen here and a lot of fat in the current ecosystem. And our goal is to really just remove all of the barriers to entry, as well as margin or fat in the generic space because there is a ton of margin there that people don't recognize sits in the generic space. And so what we're really solving for is you don't need a ton of middlemen in the generic space. Let ScriptCo come in, clean all that up, offer your members an incredible user experience and save you a ton of money.

Who is a good fit for ScriptCo Pharmacy B2B?

Yeah, self-funded employer plans, health sharing organizations, MEC plans, any institution or group that is really looking to solve for a cost problem. We built this to solve for the cost problem and offer an incredible user experience. And so you can see if you have time, go to our Google reviews and check it out. There's a ton of good intel in the Google reviews. You can't delete a bad Google review. You know, our average member direct consumer is saving a $1,000 and like I said earlier, we're saving our average self-funded employer plans, $250 per employee per year. There is a ton of examples. You look at a drug, like a atorvastatin. They're paying on average $28 for a 30 day supply and we're a $1.05 We look at a lisinopril, they're paying, you know, $18 for a 30 day supply and we're 30 cents. So we're just here to serve and would love to talk to anybody who is interested in saving money.

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Duration: 02:31

Posted: Monday, May 20, 2024