Airbo AI

Airbo is a Benefits Engagement Platform that helps employees and employers navigate the benefits ecosystem with ease. We use AI to provide instant responses to any employee HR-related question.


What is Airbo AI?

So Airbo is a benefits engagement platform that helps employees and employers navigate the benefits ecosystem with ease. We run outbound education for employees during critical times of the year, like open enrollment, and also have an AI tool, Airbo AI, that provides instant responses to employee questions, which is what we'll be focusing on today.

How is Airbo AI different?

Unlike other AI tools, Airbo AI was built specifically for HR and benefits professionals. There are two versions of Airbo AI, one for employees and one for HR. The employee version allows employees to send HR-related questions via text message and get instant responses that direct them to the right resources. For example, an employee might be wondering how to update their password for their HRA, which Airbo AI can answer, or how to enroll in their benefits during open enrollment. Our HR version produces answers equally fast, so you can use it in your HR workflows, and can also be used to draft emails, create contact sheets, and brainstorm employee communication campaigns. HR users have described it as very, very fun, plus it's completely free. Lastly, Airbo AI is also different because it's a safe and easy way to start using AI in daily HR workflows since we don't connect with our users' internal systems or use their data to train our tool.

Who is a good fit for Airbo AI?

Airbo AI is a great fit for companies who want to give their employees more support with dramatically less work. So if you'd like to reclaim time spent navigating employees to the right resources while also providing them with 24/7 HR support, this is the perfect tool for you. If you'd like to learn more, just book a demo on our website,

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Duration: 02:15

Posted: Wednesday, May 15, 2024