First Stop Health

Direct virtual care focusing on personalized urgent, primary & mental health. Quick, delightful & affordable access to a whole population- no cost, claims & PGs included.


What is First Stop Health?

First Stop Health is a direct care company that has been around for over a decade servicing 1,000 plus employer clients and almost a million members nationwide. We provide standalone physical and mental health offerings to reduce the two biggest barriers to care: cost and access. Our core focus is providing value-based and virtual first care that people love in an accessible, affordable, and delightful way. At the end of the day, we want to make people measurably healthier, help employers save money, and ensure that everything that can be done virtually is. And the thing that we do better than any other company in this space is achieve insanely high levels of utilization. We are the single most used benefit next to major medical for all of our clients.

How is First Stop Health different?

Well, to start, our solutions are threefold. Virtual Urgent Care is our flagship product that provides 24/7 access to a doctor in three minutes or less at zero cost. Now, virtual primary care is a more robust offering where we match a member with a dedicated PCP or one of our nutritionists, diabetes educators, or health coaches for things like chronic disease management, prevention and wellness, and care coordination. Clients can also add on biometric screenings or case management for more of that high risk population. And of course, virtual mental health. Short and long-term counseling and coaching with a dedicated therapist for things like anxiety, depression, or substance abuse. Now, the biggest differentiator in the market is that we have a 99% client retention rate, and we think it trickles down to three key pieces. Employees use it with industry leading utilization rates of 45% on average. Employees love it with NPS scores of 90 plus. And our employer clients see results that are all backed by performance guarantees. Additionally, our implementation is seamless. Our personalized engagement is promoted by dedicated account teams, and our virtual practice is comprised with doctors and counselors of the highest caliber in which we oversee.

Who is a good fit for First Stop Health?

Yeah, so we support clients of all sizes, all the way down to 50 lives in all 50 states, all funding arrangements, and in all industries. We also run completely outside of the medical plan, so we're able to support the entire population. Employers come to us to solve problems that they have, like high medical trends, attraction and retainment, or to be an employer of choice. We want clients that want to be a part of a strong partnership and help engage their workforce to deliver care that people love.

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Duration: 02:51

Posted: Saturday, March 9, 2024

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