"ExhaleRx: Save up to 80% on branded medicines and specials with our service, tailored for self-funded plans. Health, delivered. Exhale.


What is ExhaleRx?

ExhaleRx is a pharmacy solution. It bolts onto your existing healthcare market. We're based out of England where medicines are significantly cheaper than they are in the U.S. We supply FDA approved and branded medicines, those that cost a lot of money, and we feel that we are able to offer a solution to so many individuals, companies, and payers that we really recommend to reach out.

How is ExhaleRx different?

ExhaleRx isn't different. We offer the same medications as you would get elsewhere, but we allow you to be the difference. We allow you to make a difference in your employees' lives. We allow you to make a difference in your own life. We're able to offer you a solution that enables you to lower significantly your costs of your branded medication. Imagine not paying $500 for a month supply of Eliquis. Imagine paying $80, and we can do that through our UK pharmacy, shipped to you in only two days, just like any other mail order pharmacy. Imagine not paying $1,400 for GLP-1 medications, but rather paying just under $400 for it. Again, shipped in two days, refrigerated packaging, all the way to you. We allow you as a payer to make a difference in your life and in other people's lives.

Who is a good fit for ExhaleRx?

Who is not a good fit for ExhaleRx? If you pay for medicine, you're a good fit for ExhaleRx. If you've ever received a pharmacy bill and cringed seeing $2,400 for a month's supply of some sort of medicine, if you're HR executive and your employees are begging you, "Can we please cover this medicine? I need it for my quality of life. I need it." Perhaps, it's a lifesaving drug and you have to reject them, you're a fit for ExhaleRx, because ExhaleRx can allow you to approve such medicines. ExhaleRx can allow you to afford such medicines. ExhaleRx can allow you to make a difference in your life, to make a difference in other people's lives. We see changes that we're making in people's lives every day. It can be couples struggling with fertility that we lower their fertility medications costs by 60, 70%. We see cancer patients who literally need their life-saving drugs, and ExhaleRx helps them to be able to afford it and accept it. So if you've paid for medicine, you're a fit for ExhaleRx.

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Duration: 02:56

Posted: Thursday, April 18, 2024

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