Wondr Health

Wondr Health™ is the proven leader in preventive and chronic care for metabolic, emotional, and physical health transformation for everyone.


What is Wondr Health?

For over 16 years now, Wondr Health is the proven leader in metabolic, emotional and physical health transformation for everyone. Our core offering is a comprehensive and accessible weight management program that is digitally delivered and anchored on proven and clinically validated lifestyle skill building, providing pertinent emotional support and helping people get active relative to their goals. Layered on top, intended for those living with obesity and related chronic conditions, is our second offering, Wondr Advanced. This is our medication-assisted weight management program, designed to provide, not only our behavior change experience, but personalized medication plans to be sure that only members who require treatments, like GLP-1s, obtain them thoughtfully and others find the most effective care paths for them.

How is Wondr Health different?

First, the philosophy of our experience. Unlike some, we don't force employees to use unsustainable fad diets. We don't drastically change their grocery lists, especially with prices nowadays, and we certainly aren't like others who lead with expensive medications or have that as their entire offering. We take an empathetic real world approach to helping people build sustainable habits and skills to enable long-term health and health outcomes for them and for employers, contain RX spend while optimizing their weight management investment across the board, and second is we're amazing partners for our clients. They have confidence that our third-party ROI-validated 2.1 to 1 ROI is replicable for them, and we always have been designed for the employer space, and we're built technologically and strategically to fit inside of their existing partner landscape, and lastly, our pricing structure. Our ability to be able to be billed through claims, and we have performance guarantees, allowing our clients to know that they're shrinking budgets are going to be used really effectively.

Who is a good fit for Wondr Health?

Yeah, across our 80 plus health plan partners and over 2,000 employer clients, we work with nearly every population attribute and industry, with our target market being employers over 1,000 employees. We clearly work with health plans a lot, which our employers find very valuable with things like claims-based billing, data exchanges and new plan designs, and with that, our best fit is employers looking to contain costs associated with obesity and related chronic conditions, employers that need proven clinically-founded guidance in the current wild west of GLP-1 spends, and they want to bolster their benefits offering and answer the bell of their employees asking about this topic and these medications, and with all that, need a partner who has unmatched employer experience, is easy to work with and really just gets it.

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Duration: 02:45

Posted: Friday, March 15, 2024

Video tags: 1001 - 2500 EEs, 2501 - 5000 EEs, Over 5000 EEs