Slingshot Bills

Slingshot automatically monitors medical claims for errors, and then works as an automated patient advocate to reduce the claims for the patient and self funded employer.


What is Slingshot Bills?

Slingshot is software that automatically monitors and reduces people's medical bills, saving both the patient and self-funded employer money. Slingshot analyzes your claims post-adjudication on a regular basis to catch overcharges such as upcodes, unbundling, and charges for services not rendered. When Slingshot finds an error, it contacts the member via email or text, and with a two minute opt-in process, offers to be that member's patient advocate, and contacts the provider to get the claim corrected and the cost lowered for both the patient and the plan. We are your plan's proactive, automated, patient advocate.

How is Slingshot Bills different?

So four reasons why Slingshot's different. One, we look at every claim. No line item is too small for us. Two, we get data from the member. We believe in being super member-focused. Members are a data source that are actually in the room at the time of care, but are often left out of the equation when looking at fraud, waste, and abuse. We work with our members directly to find errors that would otherwise be impossible to find. Three, artificial intelligence is at our core. Our team's comprised of former engineers from Google, Lyft, and Tesla. And four, we are proactive about getting money back for the employee and the employer. This isn't a one-time audit of what could have been. We make sure the money gets back in your pocket on a regular basis.

Who is a good fit for Slingshot Bills?

Employers for the self-funded plan who feel like they're leaving money on the table. Your healthcare spend keeps increasing year over year, and you can't point to one particular reason. If you wanna increase member engagement by proactively helping your employees as soon as they are facing a problem, like a large, over-inflated hospital bill, Slingshots for you. If you're not sure if you'd be a good fit for Slingshot, you can contact us for an initial audit to show you what we could have saved before you sign on.

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Duration: 02:36

Posted: Friday, November 18, 2022

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