Sonic Boom Wellness

Sonic Boom Wellness infuses wellbeing into your team's daily workflow, meeting employees where they are with realistic, sustainable, behavior-based technology solutions to help build better habits.


What is Sonic Boom Wellness?

Sonic Boom is a comprehensive and integrated wellbeing solution that benefits all employees in different ways. We do this with evidence based programming that helps participants improve their daily health habits and feel more connected and cared for within the organization. Our web platform and full-featured mobile app provide motivation and accountability through healthy competition, social connection, positive reinforcements, interactive education, and well designed reward systems, ultimately driving long-term health improvement by creating personalized programs people love and want to take part in.

How is Sonic Boom Wellness different?

When we were founded in 2007, we were the pioneers of the engagement category. Our programming is geared around that central idea of creating sustained, meaningful engagement that results in noticeable health habit improvement as well as improved company culture, job satisfaction, talent attraction, and employee retention. Second, our program focuses on creating social connectivity. Our philosophy on wellness places a high emphasis on connections, which is one of the factors that helps drive that sustained engagement. Next, our approach to customer service is uniquely consultative and proactive. Our account managers will share our best practices, what's worked and what hasn't worked with specific industries and demographics. Fourth, we build our program to be exceptionally flexible. There are tons of reasons why this is a good thing, but one of the main ones is that we're all about client culture first and this flexibility allows us to represent their culture as the program evolves. Last but not least, we're constantly innovating and improving our platform. Our technology is built in-house by our own dev team and we own the software. That means we're in control of prioritizing enhancements and new releases.

Who is a good fit for Sonic Boom Wellness?

We work with clients of all sizes, ranging from 200 to 60,000 plus. We're successful with any industry, region, and demographic. What we really look for is a certain type of attitude. When clients come to us excited, enthusiastic about offering a wellbeing program that will have a positive impact in all the ways I mentioned previously, that's who we love to work with. We excel with clients who are enlightened about the value offering wellness programming can have by building a culture around wellbeing, health, comradery, and socialization.

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Duration: 02:47

Posted: Wednesday, January 11, 2023

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