UCM Digital Health

UCM Digital Health provides millions of patients with on-demand virtual and in-person care from a team of multi-disciplinary providers who triage and treat any health concern.


What is UCM Digital Health?

Well, at its core, UCM Digital Health is how healthcare should be. We're a digital-first health company, provides patients with immediate access to a full team of healthcare providers and care coordinators, where we can triage, treat, and provide care to every patient, every time, no matter what their issue is.

How is UCM Digital Health different?

Well, Chris, we're different in a bunch of different ways. I think first and foremost, it's sad to say, but we are different in the fact that we are a servant to the patient. We are a patient-first company that builds and provides care in a way that always keeps the patient first. So convenience, quality, and low-cost, all delivered around the patient. But then we're also differentiated by our core focus on emergency medicine, that says we can take anybody, no matter how minor or major your problem is, anytime, anywhere, you've got a team of people that we've got your back, and then we've got a whole care coordination team that when you need labs, and X-rays, and referrals, and even in-person care, we can all provide it for you if you come to our door as your first step in care.

Who is a good fit for UCM Digital Health?

Well, the best fit is anyone who is a self-funded employer or a health plan who is looking to achieve real results. One of our biggest differentiators is we drive significant savings, and significant quality of care improvements. So, things like 60% reduction in claim cost, from ER, and hospital, and urgent care visits, and then of course, providing employees and members with that amazing patient experience. You know, 95-plus percent patient satisfaction, NPS scores through the roof. It's just the way healthcare should be.

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Duration: 02:15

Posted: Friday, January 6, 2023

Video tags: 101 - 250 EEs