Emry proactively engages employees both pre- and post-treatment to help them receive the highest quality of care at the lowest cost – ultimately reducing overall spend for employers.

What is Emry ?

Emry's a benefit navigation company that proactively engages employees pre and post-treatment helping them receive the highest quality of care at the lowest cost and reducing overall spend for employers.

How is Emry different?

Emry has three key differentiators. First, we are focused on cost reduction without compromising quality for both the employee and the employer. In fact, the average per case savings is 30%, and the overall ROI is in excess of 200%. The second is that our services include pre and post-care with both medical and pharmacy benefit expertise. Pre-treatment offers coverage explanation, overall benefit advisory, and a unique service that helps employees easily determine if they are eligible and apply for nonprofit hospital financial assistance programs. You would be surprised to understand that the average income to qualify is 400% of the federal poverty level. Most people aren't aware that they could qualify. We've seen significant savings through this service alone. Time saving solutions. Everyone is busy. The Emry guide will find a provider for you based on your criteria and even book an appointment for you. I've used this service, and it's been a huge help. Our pharmacy expertise assists with discount drug access and manufacturer copay assistance programs to save money. On post pay, we help employees review bills for accuracy and help negotiate payment. We've helped employees work with their health plan and deem provider bills not appropriate based on network contract terms. These can be stressful situations, but with an Emry guide, employees don't have to face it alone. Third is engagement. Our guides are real people and dedicated to the specific employer group. We've found that when the employees interact with the same guide they use the services more frequently, which is our goal. We provide utilization and cost saving reports on a quarterly basis and work with benefit consultants and HR departments to ensure utilization is high through webinars and other engagement tools.

Who is a good fit Emry?

We work with benefit consultants to deliver measurable cost savings to both self-funded and fully-insured employer groups of all sizes.

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Duration: 02:45

Posted: Friday, March 31, 2023

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