Agility Data Analytics Coalition

Agility offers a Data Analytics Purchasing coalition for benefit advisors. We provide low-cost access to analytics, PLUS a dedicated data analyst.


What is Agility Data Analytics Coalition?

Well, thank you Chris. Agility's Data Analytics Coalition solves two common problems for benefit advisors. Most advisors find data analytics platforms to be expensive and hard to use. Those two hurdles are often too much to overcome. So many, if not most advisors, do not invest in an independent data analytics platform. The problem with that is that in today's environment providing independent unfettered access to data is no longer a nice to have, it's a have to have. As we know, the CAA has deemed all plan sponsors as fiduciaries on their health plan, but plan sponsors cannot be activated fiduciaries without access to their data. So at Agility, we help benefit advisors gain data platform access, at a lower cost, and provide a dedicated data analyst to support them.

How is Agility Data Analytics Coalition different?

Agility's Data Coalition is one of a kind. We are unaware of any other independent purchasing coalitions for data. Our industry is full of purchasing coalitions, but not in the analytics space. Leveraging the collective volume of the agility community, benefit advisors can enjoy scale pricing regardless of the size of their book of business. We've secured pricing that is typically 30 to 40% below market, but the key to our program is the service model. Most advisors do not have a data analyst on staff, and hiring one is a difficult, costly endeavor. Advisors participating in our coalition are assigned a dedicated data analyst to assist with running the platform and attending client meetings to share actionable findings.

Who is a good fit for Agility Data Analytics Coalition?

This is an easy one. Any and all benefit advisors with a self-funded block of business. It's important to note that even advisors with a smaller block of self-funded business qualify for scale pricing. Even if you have one self-funded case, that's enough. Set up a discovery call to find out.

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Duration: 02:34

Posted: Friday, April 14, 2023

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