Season Health

Season Health offers food-as-medicine solutions that help employers bend the cost curve associated with diet-related conditions and improve the employee experience broadly.


What is Season Health?

Season is a food-as-medicine platform that helps employers to improve clinical outcomes and bend the cost curve by offering employees engaging, personalized nutrition programs. Season's built on three pillars. The Season Clinic, which is our practice of registered dieticians who are available for virtual visits and deeply involved in every facet of the platform, from in-app messaging to educational content. The Season Market, which is our collection of national and local grocery stores and pre-made meal companies. These are all curated and vetted partners that meet Season's standards. It's important to note that at Season, we don't make the food, nor do we make money on the food. We connect employees to the right food that meets both their personal taste and personal health needs. And then, the Benefits Bank is our way of ensuring that employees have access to use their funds from any government assistance programs and our way of helping employers grant their employees money to be used on food, which we see across a number of use cases.

How is Season Health different?

Season's leadership team is a mixture of folks from the consumer food, healthcare, and healthcare technology spaces, and it's a combination of these three areas of expertise that make Season different. Specifically, our CEO founded another consumer food company, meal kit company Plated, which ultimately sold to Albertsons, and our CPO helped launch Amazon Fresh back in 2011 and then, helped lead the Whole Foods integration. This expertise is so important from an engagement perspective. Both know how to engage consumers around food and know how to tap into the food ecosystem logistically, which is also a a challenge. Clinically, our clinical leaders who spent time as leaders at academic medical centers work very closely with our culinary and technology teams. In combination, our clinical, culinary, and tech teams make finding healthy, tasty food options that meet the employee's personal and cultural tastes as easy as possible. It's this removal of the mental load, that comes with navigating an otherwise broken food ecosystem, that drives outcomes. And to date, we've seen really strong outcomes, both from a clinical perspective and engagement perspective.

Who is a good fit for Season Health?

Season is for any company where employees are managing diet-related conditions or generally want to eat healthier. Season offers solutions for the entire workforce, so that everyone is getting the right level of support on their journey, whether they have significant health challenges to manage and costs to curb, or just generally want to feel better.

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Duration: 02:57

Posted: Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Video tags: 1001 - 2500 EEs, 2501 - 5000 EEs, Over 5000 EEs