Savvos Health

Savvos created the nation's largest marketplace of affordable cash prices for shoppable medical care. Savvos eliminates the need to develop networks or direct contracts by making cash pay pricing the future of mainstream healthcare.


What is Savvos Health?

Savvos, we created the nation's largest marketplace of affordable cash prices for shoppable outpatient care. And let me tell you why. The crisis in healthcare doesn't center around the question of, "How do we pay these expensive bills?" It centers around the question of, "Why is the bill so expensive, to begin with?" And when we can connect members and individuals with affordable cash pricing, we can reduce costs by 70%, 80%, 90%. When you move from being a self-pay individual to somebody who uses a third-party payer, you need a system like Savvos that brings all the parties together, and that's what we do.

How is Savvos Health different?

Savvos is so unique because we're so much more than a data platform. We've created an entire end-to-end fintech solution to make the experience with a member and their third-party payer and a provider something that's successful and basically a better member experience. What makes our platform unique is the foundation of our solution; it's all built around cash pricing, which reduces costs dramatically. But in addition to that, our proprietary system connects patients, payers, and providers in a single conversation when it comes to scheduling care, finalizing costs, and approving payments. Our system improves the entire member experience. We build real-time bundled offers within our platform. So if we have custom CPT codes or a unique procedure, right in front of the member and right in front of the payer, we can finalize pricing in real-time. And then Savvos ensures that all providers are paid immediately, so we can connect these third-party payers with the very best pricing in the marketplace.

Who is a good fit for Savvos Health?

Oh, my goodness. I mean, basically any third-party payer. But really, it's interesting what we're seeing in the market today. There's such a demand and such a shift moving away from traditional networks and even away from direct contracting to this connection with affordable cash-pricing in the marketplace. So, specifically, if you're a broker or an advisor and you're working with large employers that are self-funded or they're outside of these traditional restrictive networks. If you have the ability to carve out cash-based solutions in your health plan, Savvos is such a great solution. If you're doing a lot of work in the self-funded space or the individual space, look at Savvos; we built a powerful solution to bring all the parties together, reduce costs, and improve the member experience.

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Duration: 02:58

Posted: Wednesday, February 23, 2022

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