Careington International

We provide custom benefit solutions to help reduce health care costs for groups of all sizes including self-funded, full-time, part-time, and 1099. Some of our core services include: Dental PPO & Savings, Virtual Health, Vision, TPA Services, And More


What is Careington International?

Careington International is actually a lot of things but think of us as a healthcare solutions company. Most people know us from our dental side, we do own one of the largest dental networks in the country, there are two sides to that, there's our traditional PPO side, as well as our discount network, which is a fee-for-service model. We own several virtual health networks including physician access, mental wellness, dentistry, and even pet care. We're also a TPA, so we can help with claims, repricing, and payments, and we can even assist in billing enrollment needs if you have that. Collectively, we serve more than 25 million lives today.

How is Careington International different?

Flexibility and transparency for sure. As I mentioned, we own one of the largest dental networks and we have a transparent fee schedule, so from a member standpoint, you can actually see what you're gonna pay for those services before you ever go in. We work great with self-funded groups, providing dental and virtual health, we can help save employers and TPAs money with the network lease options, maybe somebody wants to create their own custom white label program, we can help with that. Our product solutions range from dental, vision, virtual health, and prescription, all the way to diabetic reversal programs, second opinions, and even identity theft, and legal services. If you have a need for it, I probably have a solution that can help.

Who is a good fit for Careington International?

Anyone looking to save themselves or even their clients' money on their healthcare spend. We really do have great flexibility, whether you're full-time, part-time, or self-funded, we can help. If you're a group of 2 or 200,000, we're still a great fit, we can find that custom solution that works for you. Maybe somebody offers a traditional dental insurance plan, and they wanna add a discount plan to that, a discount plan will help offset the cost during the waiting period and x-ray, so there are ways to add value there. If you're a school district looking to add mental wellness for your students or even your staff, we have those solutions. If you're a TPA, we can help provide other offerings to increase value for you there. Maybe Medicare, you're looking for dental and vision options to increase your savings on your overall procedure spend, we can help with that. If there's a billing need, a call center need, enrollment need, we can help with that as well, we truly are a one-stop solution for the healthcare and lifestyle products, as well as any potential administrative and enrollment needs you may have.

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Duration: 02:28

Posted: Tuesday, July 26, 2022

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