Ringmaster Technologies, Inc

Step into the ring to streamline your Stop Loss RFP and Administration processes using secure, cloud-based technology.


What is Ringmaster Technologies?

Ringmaster is a cloud-based healthcare technology company. Our team of industry experts eats, sleeps and breathes stop-loss and customer service. Ringmaster's products are built to simplify, enhance and drastically reduce the complexity and time necessary for stop-loss quoting and contracting as well as policy and claims administration.

How is Ringmaster Technologies different?

Chris, our products and relationships are what set us apart. Quotelinq streamlines the RFP process for stop-loss marketing and sales teams. All stakeholders are connected under one roof with shared visibility and transparency and process. No more throwing RFPs over the wall then waiting and hoping for a quote. Using our Matchdex technology which aligns carrier risk tolerance with RFP attributes, you'll never again, accidentally send an RFP to a non-qualified stop-loss market. You can also say goodbye to manually entering stop-loss quotes into Excel spreadsheet. Quotelinq will automatically output a competitive analysis for you. Our Smartlinq product accumulates medical and RX claims towards individual spec deductibles and group aggregate attachment points. Leveraging a connected collaborative environment, your claims teams will quickly and efficiently put together completed filing packages which expedite reimbursement turnaround times. They will also have an abundance of reporting available with a click of the button. Lastly, we know the importance of strong underwriting relationships. So we've developed a panel of carriers and MGUs that share your vision to revolutionize the industry. Together, we'll drive down cost, make better decisions and work in a more efficient manner.

Who is a good fit for Ringmaster Technologies?

TPAs and brokers looking to modernize their RFP and claim filing processes. We find many of the organizations we work with still manage their books of business with a manual process using some combination of Word, Excel and computer desktops that are not connected to a shared network. Our products connect these systems allowing for collaboration on an entirely new level. Also, TPAs and brokers looking to hire and retain the best talent. We live in a remote world. Having a cloud-based system that allows your employees flexibility to work and thrive from anywhere gives you a competitive advantage in recruiting top talent. Lastly, organizations looking to win better business faster. TPAs and brokers need a way to stand out and Ringmaster provides it for them.

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Duration: 02:43

Posted: Friday, July 1, 2022

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