Kashable provides employees access to low-cost credit to navigate emergencies, pay down debt and build credit scores as well as no cost live financial coaching, credit monitoring and savings accounts.


What is Kashable?

Kashable is a holistic financial wellness program that can be offered at no cost to employers. So we leverage the employer-employee relationship to provide the best-in-class financial solutions to all employees across the credit and wage spectrum, the premise being that financial inclusion leads to wealth equity. So the first part of our journey is providing all employees access to low-cost credit, often for the first time in their lives. This helps employees to pay down expensive debt, better navigate emergencies, preserve retirement income, and build or establish better credit. Then we head into financial coaching, live financial coaches that can help stay with employees throughout their journey, and it's gonna help them to do a financial assessment, create a budget, et cetera, with financial literacy resources, free credit monitoring. And at the end of the day, we wanna bring people from borrower to saver, and that's why we offer savings and spending accounts. No fees, no minimums, high yield, and they're available to all employees no matter where they stand on that credit and wage spectrum.

How is Kashable different?

So I'll focus on the low-cost loan program for this question. We're different because our employee benefit. We leverage the employer-employee relationship. By underwriting employment data in addition to credit score, and also getting repaid through payroll, we can provide all employees access to their best unsecured credit option in the market, often by 90%. The quick example is other people just look at a credit score. We look at the employer that they work for, how long have they been at that employer, right? Because we care about termination risk. So when the bank looks at someone with a 450 credit score, they say, "No way." And we look at that same person, we see, "Wow, this employee's been on the job for a long time. They're gonna stay on the job for a while. They're a good risk to us." And we can be, again, 90% less expensive than their open market option.

Who is a good fit for Kashable?

So most employee populations have folks that live paycheck to paycheck and are trying to better themselves financially, so Kashable is a great fit for most. But certainly those that care a lot about mental health, reduction in 401k loans, improving retention and productivity, and enhancing DEI initiatives are a great fits for us. Industries, healthcare, manufacturing, public sector, nonprofit, financial services, retail, it runs the gamut. Just reach out if you're interested.

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Duration: 02:51

Posted: Thursday, October 6, 2022

Video tags: 501 - 1000 EEs, 1001 - 2500 EEs, 2501 - 5000 EEs, Over 5000 EEs