Goldfinch Health

Goldfinch Health helps companies save money on surgery without restricting provider choice.


What is Goldfinch Health?

Goldfinch Health helps companies save money on surgery without restricting provider choice. The way we do that was, with a first of its kind digital surgical bundle. I'll just hit on a couple of the elements of that digital surgical bundle in our time today. Pre-surgery optimization with a personal nurse. It also includes a little show and tell here. Prepared for surgery toolkit that arrives at the member's home, all oriented towards what's called an enhanced surgical experience. Clinically validated pathway through surgery that leads to faster recovery, happier patients, fewer opioids used.

How is Goldfinch Health different?

Well, first and foremost on the screen, we have Validation Institute Validation. You can see the details of that, almost 32 days saved in recovery time on average, as compared to a national database post-surgery. That equates with 770 to 1 in ROI on saved days alone. For us, the patient is the center of excellence. We don't have to choose the hospital on the western part of the city versus the hospital in the eastern part of the city. We can help any patient no matter where they go in network. The last thing I'll mention is a differentiation. This is touch, a personal nurse, plus tech, which is our secure texting platform and messaging and resource platform, intangible, that toolkit, putting this all together for a much different and better experience for members.

Who is a good fit for Goldfinch Health?

Well, first of all, if you're an employer that is concerned about high cost claimants, you're a good fit. Two thirds of high cost claimants have surgery. It includes categories like musculoskeletal care, cancer and other high cost areas. If you're concerned about and worried about and focused on return to work and getting folks back, so you've got your team fully intact. You're not paying overtime. You're not paying for replacement workers. You're a good fit. And finally, you're compassionate about pain and exposure to opioids for your employees, members and families, this is a good fit. Bottom line surgery is a number one gateway to opioid use. We've got 20 million Americans today who have a history of abuse. Unfortunately, almost all of us know someone and this is a way to help position an employee or a member for an experience that's better pain management with fear opioids, faster return to work.

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Duration: 02:49

Posted: Monday, October 17, 2022

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