Tula Health, Inc.

Tula Health, a digital health platform, combines state-of-the-art technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning with 24/7 monitoring and engagement services to produce lower healthcare costs and improved health for those living with diabetes. Tula’s service and technology are designed to remove the barriers that have caused the noncompliance and empower both the members and their care teams, so they can better manage members’ health.


Diabetes affects millions of us. And for many, it can be a struggle to control. Tula Health provides members with the support they need to keep their blood sugar under control. A digital health platform, Tula combines state-of-the-art technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning with 24/7 monitoring and engagement services to produce lower health care costs and improved health. Members receive a Genie and companion smartwatch. More than a glucometer, Genie is a member's gateway into all that Tula has to offer. In addition to monitoring blood sugar, members are able to track steps, calories burned, heart rate, and sleep patterns. Results are sent wirelessly to Tula immediately after every test. Everything is automatic. The only thing the member needs to do is check. Compliance and results are easily understood. Members can go online at any time to view their readings, set goals, and even share their information with their physician or family members. Tula understands that everyone's story and journey is different. Tula's combination of data analytics and machine learning allow Tula to customize the solution for each member, maximizing interactions that result in behavior change and improved outcomes. It's a proactive solution that can identify not only who is high cost and high risk today, but identify and prevent the high-risk individuals of tomorrow.

Checking several times a day, I understand how my body responds in different situations. I used to be afraid to check, always worried about what the results will be. By checking often, I can make the small and simple changes that produce huge results. I'm a fighter, I'm strong, and I won't let diabetes slow me down.

Tula's technology platform is complemented by a personalized support team to empower members in achieving their individual wellness goals. At the press of a button, Tula connects members with their personal support staff, where they can speak with their personal assistant and support team, including health coaches, nurses, and dieticians. When the test result exceeds predetermined clinical thresholds, Tula's Engagement Center immediately calls members through the cellular technology in the Genie device. Tula's 24/7 Engagement Center will triage their condition and, if necessary, connect them with a physician or dispatch emergency personnel. It's a network of support that keeps members on track and out of the emergency room. As members check regularly, they begin to understand the effects of diet and exercise on their blood sugar. Behavioral change begins, leading to health improvements. No doubt about it, diabetes is a dangerous condition. But with proper management, it can be measurably controlled. Better management will lower A1C and improve health, so members can live the vibrant life they deserve. For more information about this program, contact Tula Health today.

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Duration: 03:09

Posted: Tuesday, October 5, 2021

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