Eden Health

Eden Health is a nationally recognized medical practice that delivers what your clients want most: an all-in-one healthcare solution that’s built for the hybrid workforce. With Eden, employees have access to our premium primary care, mental health services, physical therapy and insurance navigation support. Whether their team is fully remote, in- person, or somewhere in between, we provide 24/7 digital care, same-day in-person primary care, and pop-up clinics in their offices — making healthcare accessible when and where employees need it.


What is Eden Health?

Eden Health is bringing the concept of a high-touch medical practice and navigation assistance for our fragmented healthcare system to the employees' fingertips. So, essentially, an employee comes to us with any health insurance-type of question or healthcare need, and low and behold, we help them. We help them through an integrated team of primary care physicians, mental health clinicians, physical therapists, pediatrics, and even folks to navigate the health insurance question, or simply answer questions about health insurance as well, and then COVID as well. So we do a lot of COVID work, from testing to proactively find help when people have symptoms. Wrap all that up and you have an easy, one-stop shop for employees to get better help with the healthcare system.

How is Eden Health different?

Eden Health is different from the fact that we have a dedicated team for that particular employee. We give them access to get answers to these questions that they have about health insurance or healthcare in a matter of minutes. We do this in a holistic fashion, so it's much less episodic. We get a lot better results in the back end, higher preventative care, better clinical outcomes. We do have the NCQA designation as a patient-centered medical home, and we provide a unique way to not only get virtual first collaborative care with all of these different types of clinicians, but we also offer work-site pop-ups, near site clinic and on-site clinic options as well, with the ability to get specialist consults and second opinions, providing a much more seamless experience for employees.

Who is a good fit for Eden Health?

The best fit for Eden Health is any employer trying to make this process of navigating healthcare or getting questions answered about their insurance in a more simplistic fashion. A lot of times people come to us when they obviously have escalating healthcare issues, maybe urgent care, ER, lots of specialist visits. Perhaps they have low engagement in some of their existing benefit programs. We happen to drive 66% engagement across the book of business. We save a lotta time for HR teams, and that really drives up benefit satisfaction and recruitment of top talent.

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Duration: 02:53

Posted: Thursday, November 4, 2021

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