Nova Healthcare

An innovative health care solutions company providing customized benefit plan offerings and administration, including private-labeled partnerships.


What is Nova?

By industry standards, Nova is labeled as a third-party administrator, but we really have evolved into more of a trend management organization. We work with various entities and help them manage risk. This includes a spectrum of customizable benefit solutions, including medical, dental, vision, COBRA, reimbursement accounts, in-house medical management and private-labeled partnerships. Our core growth has consistently been through brokers supporting self-funded employers, but over the last five years, we've seen a lot of growth in supporting health plans startups and other TPAs where we will private label all or part of their operation or support them with our medical management services.

How is Nova different?

There's a handful of differentiators that sets Nova apart. First, we use a connected company model to deliver a high level of expert service and act as a true partner to each client. Second, we take a holistic thoughtful approach to build customized solutions to meet each client's unique needs. Beyond offering plan data, we work to connect the dots. We take an end-to-end integrated approach to health care and provide a 360-degree view of plan participants' health and wellness. Then we create a cost and risk management strategy tailored to each employer's benefit plan, culture and goals. There's a spectrum of choice in self-funding. No matter where a client is on that spectrum in terms of the amount of financial risk, appetite for change, their population's health needs, etc., Nova is flexible to meet them where they are. Third, we are URAC accredited for utilization management and case management, so we provide these services in-house, whereas many TPAs across the country outsource this solution to a third party. And finally, we have consistently been ranked as one of the top midsize employers in New York to work for, which is a result of our amazing culture. Good culture equates to happy employees, which trickles down to a good member experience and happy clients.

Who's a good fit for Nova?

Nova is really flexible to meet any client's needs, so we're a good fit for any employer that wants to take greater control over their health care costs. That's what I mean when I talk about the spectrum of self-funding solutions we offer. For example, we have clients who are more risk-averse or who are new to self-funding, who want to access a traditional provider network, as well as others who are more open to trying the full scope of what self-funding can do to manage health care outcomes and costs, such as reference-based pricing or direct primary care. Overall, our goal is to take the complex out of a complicated health care system for our broker partners, our clients and their members.

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Duration: 02:41

Posted: Thursday, January 13, 2022

Video tags: 101 - 250 EEs