ScriptSourcing, LLC

ScriptSourcing provides maintenance name brand medications for a $0 copay while reducing employer costs by over 50%.

What is ScriptSourcing?

ScriptSourcing is a risk management company. Our healthcare system is broken. Employers have been getting gouged for years and we're helping employers spend a lot less money. Initially, ScriptSourcing, our purpose was to focus on ways to reduce costs on name brand, and specialty meds. We've had a lot of success. We've saved employers hundreds of millions of dollars. Employees love us because they get their meds for free. We're saving employers 50 to 75 cents on the dollar, and we've truly created a win-win situation. Today our services are much more robust. We have many solutions and all of which reduce the cost of healthcare for both employers and employees.

How is ScriptSourcing different?

Well, 1 to 3% of plan members are driving 30 to 50% of the healthcare spend. We've become a technology company. We're providing predictive analytics, which predict future medical and prescription spend. Future high claimants. We can identify J-Code medication overspend, and at the end of the day, our technology provides better insights and the opportunity to be much more proactive. We're very successful at reducing the cost of name brand meds, specialty meds, J-Code meds, and high claimants. In addition, we have a hospital debt relief service, a solution in which 60% of Americans qualify, and our reporting is quite a differentiator. We provide great reporting on a monthly basis. At the end of the day, our technology and solutions help employers proactively, not reactively, prevent, mitigate, and transfer risk.

Who is a good fit for ScriptSourcing?

ScriptSourcing works with self-funded employers. Our largest client has 39,000 employees. Our smallest clients have under 10 employees. We work with employers who are interested in helping employees access medication for free, interested in saving money and interested in better managing their healthcare risk. One member who worked with ScriptSourcing said for their family, working with ScriptSourcing was the difference between a good Christmas and a great Christmas. If there's an interest in learning more, our sales team can provide a detailed savings analysis within 24 to 48 hours.

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Posted: Monday, June 10, 2024