Overalls LifeConcierge supports and saves time for every employee navigating life’s challenging and time consuming moments by helping them be better informed, less stressed and more confident.


What is Overalls?

Overalls is a concierge benefit for life struggles. So what do I mean by that? Think about how much time, energy, and money you and your employees lose to dealing with day-to-day life stressors. Overalls combines human intelligence with AI to help your employees reclaim the time, money, and stress that they lose every day to these types of issues.

How is Overalls different?

Something we take a lot of pride in is that we're one of the rare benefits that's designed for the entire workforce, and we try to help employees in a holistic fashion. This means everything from helping one employee deal with a caregiving issue for a loved one to another employee dealing with a health advocacy issue, dealing with claims appeals, medical denials, and so on, another employee figure out how to roll over a 401K and maybe help another employee figure out summer camps for their kids. The way we tackle such a broad set of challenges for your employee base and do it well is in addition to artificial intelligence, we have a workforce comprised of two types of people. One group, we call them life concierges. Life concierges, think of them almost as if you had a personal assistant that you share with your colleagues. These are generalists, well-educated, based in the US. In addition to our life concierges, we have a team that we call life experts. These are people with backgrounds in accounting, law, healthcare. So depending on the issue that arises, you might work with one of our experts or you might work with one of our generalists to reclaim the time and stress that you're losing to these issues.

Who is a good fit for Overalls?

Overalls is really designed for the entire workforce, and we see this manifested in our data. Typical employer will see over half of their employee base, 50 some odd percent registered and use Overalls at least six times a year. It's designed to be very easy to use. You can interact with us through our app, by email, text message, schedule a call and it's also very easy for employers to implement. Typically going live within a few days. Our typical clients span from small businesses to several thousand employees. We really do focus our efforts in the a 100 employee to about 10,000 employee range, but we have clients on either side of that, and we've developed a very easy self-service capability for smaller businesses as well.

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Duration: 02:54

Posted: Thursday, February 15, 2024

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