Next Level PRIME

Next Level PRIME is a membership-based advanced primary care solution for employers who seek to provide high-quality, affordable, and accessible care to their workforce 24/7 seven days a week.


What is Next Level PRIME?

Next Level PRIME is a membership-based advanced primary care model. We're based in Texas and have more than 40 locations across Houston, Austin, and San Antonio to provide in-person medical care seven days a week, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, in addition to 24/7 virtual care. Our services span preventive care, like yearly wellness exams, chronic care, like diabetes and high blood pressure management, and urgent care needs, such as evaluation and treatment of skin infections and simple fractures. Our patients value having access to mental health counselors and weight loss coaches as part of the membership. Currently, we work with over 150 clients and cover 35,000 lives.

How is Next Level PRIME different?

Next Level PRIME aligns value for all stakeholders in healthcare, patients, clinical teams, and employers who pay the bills. We make healthcare affordable for patients, because they pay nothing when receiving medical care from us. We make it convenient for employees to get care virtually or through our app, so it doesn't disrupt their work or personal life routines. Our clinical teams love working here because they get extended time with patients, and don't need to be distracted with billing codes and extra paperwork because we do not bill insurance. We also leverage the latest technology, such as camera-based diagnostics that allow our patients to measure vital signs through our app.

Who is a good fit for Next Level PRIME?

We work with employers of all sizes across Texas. Some are small family-owned businesses, and others are large companies with thousands of employees. Employers love partnering with us because we save them money by helping their workers avoid unnecessary and expensive ER visits. We can achieve this because our services are available around the clock. More than 30 common labs as well as X-rays are included with our membership, which is another source of significant savings. For times when a needed treatment is outside of scope of primary care, we have a dedicated care navigation team that helps our patients find the highest quality and lowest cost specialists and surgeons that we trust. The cost of our membership is tiered, as you see here in the slide, and includes our services for the employee, their spouse, and any dependents. Lastly, we offer performance guarantee, which means that employers will never have to pay more than the value of the services we provide.

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Posted: Sunday, October 22, 2023

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