Zorro is an administrator of ICHRA and QSEHRA. Our platform helps brokers build winning quotes, employers design an appropriate reimbursement structure, and employees select the right plan.


What is Zorro?

Thanks, Chris, Zorro is a SaaS company on a mission to create the first ever personalized healthcare financial platform. We help companies and brokers by providing a solution that sits at the intersection of healthcare, financial services, and technology. Brokers use our tools to determine who is a good fit for ICHRA. Employers use our tools to determine the right amount to spend on healthcare. And employees use our tools to determine how to allocate those dollars. We offer a full service ICHRA solution that combines the power of artificial intelligence and big data with best in class technology.

How is Zorro different?

Our AI-driven technology helps brokers quickly determine if ICHRA is a good fit for their client. Once the client data is loaded onto our platform, we're able to determine the best way to allocate employer dollars with our real-time budgeting tool. Employers easily see what is required to make an offer of coverage that meets the ACA affordability guidelines. And the financial impact the move to ICHRA has on each individual employee. Employees use our decision support tool to guide them through the process of selecting a health insurance plan. The platform uses multiple data sources, including information provided by the employee, to make recommendations that help individuals select from dozens of available plans. And our sophisticated payment solution eliminates the need for employees to get reimbursed and allows them to pay their portion of the premium through payroll deductions just like they do when covered by traditional group insurance.

Who is a good fit for Zorro?

Brokers often consider ICHRA as an option for clients and prospects who are facing a large renewal, those struggling to meet carrier enrollment minimums, or companies who are interested in getting out of the risk business. A move to ICHRA eliminates large renewals as the risk is spread across hundreds of thousands of individuals. Employers who have goals that align with ICHRA are often companies who are offering benefits for the first time, those who have a workforce that's spread across the country, or an employer who is interested in giving their employees the control to choose their own health insurance carrier and the right level of coverage. The tools Zorro has built are ready to assist brokers as they pitch ICHRA to their clients as a viable alternative to traditional group health insurance.

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Duration: 02:39

Posted: Friday, September 8, 2023

Video tags: Under 50 EEs, 51 - 100 EEs, 101 - 250 EEs, 251 - 500 EEs, 501 - 1000 EEs